Handling of Don't Care conditions (in SOP):-

Rules for handling Don’t Care conditions in simplification process:
  1. Prepare the respective map depending upon the number of variables used in the function.
  2. Put 1 on appropriate places for every min-term provided in the function.
  3. Put a CROSS ( X ) on every min-term showing Don’t Care condition.
  4. Make pairs of 1’s in the map. Consider the CROSSes also like a 1 in the map, since we Don’t know whether that min-term is a 0 or a 1.
  5. If any Don’t Care min-term is left unpaired, leave it. No any evaluation is required for this unpaired minterm, as it is a Don’t Care condition.
  6. At last, deduce the expression simply like a normal K-map.

Ex.Simplify the following function in SOP form using K-map method.