Problem Solving strategy :-For every problem, we have two of the following strategies .
Top down approach
Bottom up approach
Top down approach:-In a top approach the problem solver stays always on the top this is why , in this approach the solver can have a comprehensive over every part of the problem.
Bottm up approach:-In this approach the solver stays always on bottom of the problem usually these solver focus only on their own work and of others.
Top down V/sBottom up:-Although every problem is solved in bottom up approach but some problem that are relativaly larger are solved in top down manner as well.
Presentation of a solution to a program:-
Flow chart
Algorithm:-Algorithm is nothing but a step by step manuals of what to do and how to do. Mostly algorithm are written structure english but depending on locality it can written in any standarized language.
Example:-Write an algorithm to calculate simple interest solution.
Step 1-Find the principle amount rate of interest and time period.
Step 2-multiply out there inputs and find the product.
Step 3-Devide the product by 100 and find the output.
Step 4-the finale outputs to be displayed.
Flow chart:-Flow chart is a diagrametic representation of how a problem is solve for this, flow charts use different notations.Since every problem can be categerised in to any one of the three types flow charts are also designed in these three ways-
1-Sequential flow chart
2-Decisional flow chart
3-Looped flow chart
1-Sequential Flow chart:-Sequentail flow chart are used for these problem where there its a straight sequence.
Example:-Flow chart to compute the simple interest.

2-Decisional Flow chart:-This kind of flow chart are used for those problem where wee need to emplement and decision.
Example:-Flow chart to declear a numbers as even or odd.

3-Looped flow chart:-These flow chart are designed for a problem where a simple operation is being performed multiple times.
Example:-Flow chart to compute table of a number up to 10.

Sequential Flow chart

Decisional Flow chart

Looped Flow chart

Notations of Floe chart:-Following are the notations that are used widely in flow chart.
Notations of Flow charts:-